Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++
Holy Shield! My Skin is Protected Now!
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Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++



Skin Redness Correction & Multitask Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++ protects skin from UVA & UVB, functions as a color corrector that brightens & evens out skin tone. It is light in texture, hence it absorbs quickly, non sticky & gives a Satin finish. It functions as an Antioxidant which is effective in reducing redness. It also contains a combination of natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

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  • Formulated with Alpha-Bisabolol, an ingredients that suitable for sensitive & acne-prone skin
  • Tone down redness, acne & irritation
  • Lightweight texture & tone-up effect
  • Non-patchy, non-sticky, non-peeling, non-dull
  • SPF 50+ PA++++
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-Irritation Formula
  • Non-Comedogenic Certified
  • Suitable for acne prone skin
  • UVA & UVB Protection
  • Benzene-free tested
  • BPOM Certified




  1. Shake well before use, use it as the last step of skin care routine.  

  2. Squeeze out a generous amount of sunscreen onto your index & middle fingers, then apply it all over the face & neck

  3. Can be reapplied every 2 hours to provide maximum protection from UV rays


Titanium Dioxide

Works as a physical sunscreen that can protect the skin from UVA and UVB (broad spectrum)



The chemical structure of betaine resembles amino acid glycine with three additional methyl groups (called trimethylglycine). The benefits of betaine in skin care include hydrating, soothing, as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging to skin. 


Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract


 Anthemis Nobilis (Roman Chamomile) has the ability to help moisturize the skin from within, relieve inflammation, act as an antioxidant & inhibit bacterial growth.



Inositol is good for sensitive, dry and oily skin as it can help reduce excess sebum. It also functions as an anti-aging that prevents skin from losing elasticity and reduces the depth of wrinkles.


It is known to moisturize the skin effectively, especially for sensitive skin. Function to smooth the skin, help wound healing, & increase skin cell regeneration.


Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging benefits. Caffeine can also reduce redness (Rosacea), & reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Is it suitable for daily use?

Yup! It is suitable for daily use.


Can I use it for my oily skin?

Yes. Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++ is non-greasy, so it is suitable for all skin types.


Why is Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++ able to protect your skin against UVA & UVB?

Because it contains components of UVA Filters that block exposure to UVA rays which cause photoaging / premature aging & skin cancer. Also, it contains a combination of UVB Filters that block exposure to UVB rays which cause skin to look darker (sunburn).  


What is PA++++?

PA (Protection Guide of UVA) means the sunscreen provides some protection against UVA rays, while ++++ shows the level of protection. The more + symbol it has, the more protection it provides. 


What makes Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++ superior?

A lightweight Chemical Sunscreen that does not cause white cast & Easy to re-apply without ruin makeup. Has SPF 50+ PA++++ protection which has been tested by Eurofins. It can be used as a Color Corrector to tone down redness & suitable for sensitive skin.


Are Somethinc products already already registered with BPOM?

Yes, Somethinc products already registered with BPOM.


Is this product suitable for pregnant women/breastfeeding moms?

We have formulated the ingredients that already received BPOM standard approval. But considering that pregnant women sometimes have allergies to certain things & hormonal changes, it's better to consult the ingredients in your skincare products to an obstetrician.


I am a teenager, can I use this?

Yes, but we recommend this Holyshield! Sunscreen Comfort Corrector Serum SPF 50+ PA++++ for 11 years old & up.


Is there any fragrance in this product ingredients?



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