COPY & PASTE healthy & glowing complexion to your skin
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We Go Together like COPY & PASTE 


Take Your Complexion to The Next Level.

Introduce you to the #1st Local HYBRID Mesh Cushion in Indonesia!

Specially Created for Indonesian Skin Tone & Humidity of Tropical Weather.

With Breathable Technology, Non-Comedogenic Certified (psst...It Won't Clog Your Pores!), Long Lasting, & lots of skincare benefits, DAMNN...Our friendship will last forever!


Finishing: Morning Healthy Glow finish

Coverage: Medium, Buildable, Featherlight & Smooth

Colour Choice:

PERLE: Light – Pink Undertone (Cool)

BIJOUX: Light – Yellow Undertone (Warm)

NINA: Light-Medium - Neutral Undertone

SERENE: Light Medium - Pink Undertone (Cool)

CHARLOTTE: Medium - Neutral Undertone

ÉCLAIR: Medium - Pink Undertone (Cool)

COCO: Medium - Yellow Undertone (Warm)

ALTER: Medium Deep - Neutral Undertone

GODDESS: Medium Deep - Yellow Undertone (Warm)

TIFFANY: Dark - Yellow Undertone (Warm)

FAWN: Dark - Neutral Undertone

PENNY: Dark - Yellow Undertone (Warm)

BUTTER: Light - Pink Undertone (Cool)

LINEN: Medium Deep - Neutral Undertone



PERLE NA18200300322 

BIJOUX NA18200300320

NINA NA18200300323

SERENE NA18190305712

CHARLOTTE NA18190305716

ECLAIR NA18200300321

COCO NA18190305713

ALTER NA18200300609

GODDESS NA18190305717

TIFFANY NA18200300610

FAWN NA18200300611

PENNY NA18200300612

BUTTER NA18220300259

LINEN NA18220300261

Push the puff gently into the mesh cushion.

Pick up the right amount of product each time & work in layers.

Use a Light-Tapping motion, it can give you control & the most natural-looking finish.

DO NOT SWIPE! Create a different angle shape with the puff.

Don’t forget to Double Cleanse your Puff regularly to keep it clean and fresh.

Use a Cleansing Oil/Oil Based Cleanser to remove all the makeup completely


Zinc Oxide

An antibacterial & anti-inflammatory mineral that helps treat acne, soothe redness & prevents the formation of acne scars.

What's the meaning of COPY PASTE BREATHABLE CUSHION is the number #1 Local HYBRID Mesh Cushion in Indonesia?

The COPY PASTE is a product cushion with HYBRID Skincare-Makeup concept (Has an ingredients & benefits of them). With a net shape (this isn't a sponge) and has a special formulated based on Indonesia’s climate, humidity, and also Indonesian skin-tone


What are the advantages of the COPY PASTE Breathable cushion that the other products don’t have?   

COPY PASTE has been certified by NON-COMEDOGENIC, Dermatology Tested, & Safe for Oil/Combi/Acne-Prone Skin. Also, this formula was made by Breathable technology, which allows your skin to breathe and unabling the pores to clog.

The rectangular shape & the mesh of the fiber nets are deliberately designed, unabling bacteria to easily breed inside, and the square sponge is designed to be easily used and precise when applied on the eye area & other difficult areas.


Will COPY PASTE Breathable cushion stays in place and won’t shift if we put powder on it? 

YES! Try it & You'll love it :D


My skin type is dry. Does using this product not cracking my make-up? 

Of course not. If you look at the ingredients, you will find and take advantage of skin treatments that function to moisturize your skin.

Even if your skin is oily, this product will not make your skin look super oily, instead, it will give your skin perfect oil control.


Are the Somethinc Products has been certified by HALAL and registered by BPOM? 

Yes. The products has been certified by MUI as Halal Products. And already registered by BPOM but for a few products still in progress caused by the audit regulation.


Are the products compatible with a pregnant and lactating woman? 

Yes, Of course!


Will the COPY PASTE Breathable Cushion leaves clumps & covering my dry patches/smile lines? 

Don’t You Worry! This cushion was made by special formula, especially for Indonesian climate and weather. When the product used for 10 hours and above, this cushion will melt beautifully and leaves no lumps. The skin tone still looks clear and there are no hollow areas at all. :)


Do I need to use SPF Cream when I already have applied the cushion with SPF ingredients

It depends on your needs and lifestyle. Our team did not use SPF because our office is not exposed to the Sun. If you have lots of outdoor activities, we suggest you use SPF cream.

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