Somethinc x Sabrina - Fabric Lasting Tint

Smart, Ambitious, Badass
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Somethinc x Sab - Fabric Lasting Tint


Serve that Cotton Blurry Lips that Last All Day! 

Your perfect-to-go Mousse Blur Tint to wear for daily activities to workout with airy swatches & natural pigmentation. Formulated to be Non-drying & Non-patchy, you're free from accentuated lip lines even after a long day's wear because this lip tint has Blur Powdery Finish. Lightweight & Long lasting? Well, proof it by yourself!




  • Soft Blur Cotton Lips Finish
  • "My Lips But Better" Look
  • Non-drying matte
  • Natural build pigmentation
  • Airy Lightweight & Long lasting
  • Minimal Transfer
  • Dermatology Tested
  • BPOM Certified

Smart NA11211300610

Ambitious NA11211300611


  1. Apply a thin layer of Fabric Lasting Tint with the sponge applicator
  2. Blend & dab with your finger to achieve the “My Lips But Better” look effortlessly




Do not press the airless pump too much. Press it until you see a hint of the product, then stop pressing. Be gentle to get that amount of Fabric Lasting Tint. You don't want any leakage left.

P.s. Worry not! Our Fabric Lasting Tint is made with an airless tube & pump to keep it away from drying while being stored.

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