Big Dreams, Big Thrills!

SOMETHINC started from nothing but a DREAM.

We're pleased to introduce them as our New Squad Leader as NCT DREAM always inspires to dream big & to not be afraid of the future. Let's e-meet NCT DREAM together as these would be a chewing gum for our hearts!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Virtual Meet Raffle?
This quarterly event is created to give you the fun & surprising experience when purchasing our exclusive bundles with NCT Dream. PC Cards are waiting for you inside of the bundle. Virtual Meet Raffle will be held in an online conference room.
What will I get inside of the bundle?
The list of products are listed accordingly at each description. Inside of each bundle, you will get 1 set of NCT DREAM PC Cards, attached with 1 unique code per set.
How can I join the Virtual Meet Raffle?
Everyone who purchases our exclusive bundle with NCT Dream is welcome to join the Virtual Meet Raffle.
What is the prize of winning the Virtual Meet Raffle?
All winners will get Golden Ticket to e-meet NCT Dream.
How to play the Virtual Meet Raffle?
  • You will find 1 unique code for every bundle purchase.
  • Collect as many unique codes as possible, submit the unique code(s) & proof of purchase invoice on your dashboard profile. Login or creating an account is necessary in this step.
  • One (1) unique code will be counted as one (1) chance to be the winner of Virtual Meet Raffle. From this step, You only have to wait for the announcement or any updates on Somethinc Official account(s).
  • You are welcome to make another submission with the same procedure as above. Make sure to submit different unique voucher codes & proof of purchase invoice. Having more unique codes means that you will have a bigger chance to win. The chance of submitting is unlimited, try your luck! <3
How many winners will be chosen?
We will choose 10 winners/quarters. There will be 40 winners in total to e-meet NCT DREAM by the end of 2022!
How will the winner get chosen?
By the end of each quarter, 10 winners get chosen.
  • Five (5) winners will be selected from the Top Spender shown on Leaderboard
  • Five (5) winners will be selected randomly by system
How does the Leaderboard work?
Leaderboard is a platform we develop to show who the current 100 top spenders are. Leaderboard is updated real-time. You can see your rank, however Leaderboard only display 100 user in the highest rank.
What does a TOP SPENDER mean?
It is a term for those who spend the most on SOMETHINC x NCT DREAM Bundle. So for users who spend on regular SKU(s) without unique code, won't be counted to the Virtual Meet Raffle system.
Where will the announcement of Official Winner take place?
We will announce the winners on Somethinc Official Platform like Instagram & Website.
When will the Virtual Meet Raffle start & end?
QUARTER 1 : 3 January 2022 - 31 March 2022 (winner(s) announced at 4 April 2022)
QUARTER 2 : 1 April 2022 - 30 June 2022 (winner(s) announced at 4 July 2022)
QUARTER 3 : 1 July - 30 September (winner(s) announced at 3 October 2022)
QUARTER 4 : 1 October - 30 November (winner(s) announced at 5 December 2022)
When will the first quarter Winners of Virtual Meet Raffle be announced?
The first quarter winners of Virtual Meet Raffle will be announced on the 31st of March, 2022.
Is there a maximum number of bundles that we can buy on Somethinc's website?
One user can purchase a maximum of two (2) kits for each variation. Every user can purchase a total of 8 kits/week. Note that each kit is limited to 2 pcs. However, you can hunt the bundle from our official offline & online partner.
If I purchase the SOMETHINC x NCT DREAM bundle from official offline store(s) & partner(s), can I join the Virtual Meet Raffle?
Yes! Every SOMETHINC x NCT DREAM bundle contained 1 set of 5 PC Cards sealed with unique code. You can input the unique code on our profile dashboard.
If I bought from Beautyhaul Indonesia, should I own an account on Somethinc Official Website?
Yes, since all the leaderboard will be counted from Somethinc Profile Dashboard, hence you need to own an account here so you can join the Virtual Meet Raffle.
How many Photocards (PC) will I get if I buy 1 bundle?
You will get 1 set of cards consisting of 5pcs of NCT DREAM photocards inside the bundle you have purchased.
Can I submit more than one unique code?
For sure! The number of unique codes that you can submit is UNLIMITED. However, it shall be new & has never been used before.
Can I sell or trade my unique code?
If you sell or trade the unique code, you will lose the chance to e-meet with NCT Dream. Because when you've been chosen as the official winners, we will verify the packaging, a whole set of 5 PC Cards, & unique code to ensure that it's original. Make sure the unique code is original. Keep it private & prevent sharing it to other people. Any misuse of the unique code will not be Somethinc Official's responsibility.
Why can't I sign in or submit the unique code?
There are multiple reasons that these could happen:
  • You may enter the code incorrectly. Hence, please make sure to input the digits following the voucher code format on PC Card. We are not responsible for any invalidation of codes due to mistype.
  • You may upload a different receipt that is not aligned with the chosen category.
  • The voucher code has been previously registered by other customers. (Refer to link to TnC point 8 - hyperlink).
  • li>The voucher code has been fabricated or not original.
  • If the error message still pops up, please reach out to our Customer Service.
  • Any claims or complaints must be attached with UNBOXING VIDEO. Make sure it is unpaused & unedited. We will only accept complaints with such evidence.
How do I raise complaints?
Any claims or complaints must be attached with UNBOXING VIDEO. Make sure it is unpaused & unedited. Our Customer Service will only accept complaints with such evidence. You can contact our customer service here.
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