SKINLIFT 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol Serum

Eternal Youth Serum to fight signs of aging
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Eternal Youth Serum! Anti-aging serum with 3x Power Peptide.

Effectively diminishes wrinkles & fine lines (crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines & smile lines), while also restoring skin to a firm & elastic appearance. Enhanced with super antioxidants which not only combat free radicals, but also prevent skin damage caused by UV rays & pollution.

SOMETHINC SKINLIFT 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol Serum can be used on face & neck area, every morning & night for all skin types.

- Tightens loose skin
- Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines (crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines & smile lines)
- Smooths skin texture & restores skin elasticity
- Dermatologically tested
- BPOM Certified

1. Cleanse the face with Somethinc Cleanser, rinse & let dry
2. Dispense 2-4 pumps of serum onto your palm. Spread evenly onto face & neck
3. Let the product sit for 1-2 minutes until completely absorbed
4. Layer with Somethinc serum of your choice, then continue with moisturizer
5. Can be used daily (morning & night)


1% Pure Copper Peptide

>Harnessing powerful anti-aging properties, it improves skin regeneration, targets fines lines, wrinkles & skin texture, while maintaining skin elasticity & prevents signs of premature aging.


Super-potent antioxidant that defends your skin against free radical damage, at the same time brightens & evens out skin tone.

Lifting Peptide

Botox-like peptide to visibly fade fine lines, wrinkles & smile lines in 14 days

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide

Plant-based collagen peptide proven to reduce the depth (-15.5%) & length (-20.7%) of wrinkles, as well as brighten the skin by 25% in 28 days.

Memory Algae

Strengthens skin barrier & increases skin hydration by 19.7%. Thanks to its shape memory technology, ithelps maintain skin's plumpiness, resulting in smooth & youthful skin.

- Is SKINLIFT 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol Serum suitable for daily use?
Yes! This product can be used daily both in the morning & evening. But if you're a beginner, we recommend using this serum every other day (day 1, day 3, etc.) until your skin has built the tolerance.

- Can I use this serum on my sensitive skin?
Yes, it's suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If your skin does not react well to retinol, you can use this serum as an alternative.

- Can I layer it with other serums?
Yes, you can layer it with your other favorite serums. However, when using with Vit. C serum, we suggest waiting 15-20 minutes before layering it or using them at alternate times (morning & night) as Copper Peptide may reduce the efficacy of Vit. C.

- Can Skinlift 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol Serum be layered with BioSpicule Renewal SerumSkinlift 1%?
Of course you can! Combining these two has also been found to be 3x more effective in promoting skin regeneration & smoothing skin texture.

Here's how you can layer them:
1. Gently tap Skinlift 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol onto the face & neck area
2. Wait for around 3 minutes, then follow with applying BioSpicule Renewal Serum on targeted areas (acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture)

- What is the pH of SKINLIFT 1% Copper Peptide Resveratrol Serum?
This product has the pH level of 5-6.

- Is this product suitable for Pregnancy/Breastfeeding mom?
Yup! But considering pregnant/breastfeeding women might have certain allergies & experience hormonal changes, it's better to consult with an obstetrician/healthcare professional about the ingredients in your skincare.

- Are Somethinc products BPOM-registered?
Yes, Somethinc products are BPOM-registered.

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