RESURRECT Multibiome Serum

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RESURRECT Multibiome Serum


PRE, PRO, POST T0 Renew Troubled Skin! 

This neutralizer & balancer serum is a solution for those experiencing skin breakouts with Millions Microbiome Balancer in One Drop so as to prevent skin problems due to skin microbiota imbalance. This disorder usually occurs due to lifestyle such as the use of cleaning products, skin chafing with masks, clothes or shaving. When the skin microbiota is imbalance, the skin becomes intolerant or more sensitive and looks dull. It is packed with pre-, pro-, & post-biotic to maintain the balance of skin microbiota so that the skin is nourished, healthy & brighter.




  • Millions Microbiome Balancer in One Drop
  • Skin Neutralizer & Balancer Serum
  • Serum Comfort Zone to Reset troubled skin
  • Balances good bacteria on the skin barrier
  • Nourishes & smoothens skin
  • Strengthens Skin Barrier
  • Maintain the function of the skin microbiota
  • Helps skin self-renewal
  • Healthy & bright looking skin
  • Inhibits acne growth
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Fungal Acne Friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-Irritation Formula
  • Non-Comedogenic Certified
  • Suitable for acne prone skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • BPOM Certified



  1. Apply 3-5 pumps of  serum into your palm.

  2. Lightly press your palms onto your cleansed face, then pat your face in outwards & upwards motions until it is fully applied to your face & neck. 

  3. Wait for 1 - 3 minutes for the product to fully absorb. 

  4. Can be used every day (night & day)



A prebiotics complex (GOS) & probiotics (Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria) which function to maintain the balance of skin microbiota so that skin is well nourished, skin barrier is strengthened, skin texture is smooth & brightened up naturaly.


Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging benefits. Caffeine can also reduce redness (Rosacea), & reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Is it suitable for daily use?

Yes. It is suitable for daily use, even day & night.


What is the pH of RESURRECT Multibiome Serum

RESURRECT Multibiome Serum's stability is at pH 5-6 (normal skin) So it's suitable even on sensitive skin


Can I use it for my sensitive skin?

Yes. RESURRECT Multibiome Serum is suitable for all skin types. Especially sensitive skin because it contains SKIN MICROBIOTA BALANCER 3% to strengthens skin barrier, hence the skin will not become easily sensitive.


Are Somethinc products already registered with BPOM?

Somethinc products are already registered with BPOM.


Is this product suitable for pregnant women/breastfeeding moms?

We have formulated the ingredients that already received BPOM standard approval. But considering that pregnant women sometimes have allergies to certain things & hormonal changes, it's better to consult the ingredients in your skincare products to an obstetrician.


I am a teenager, can I use this?

Yes, but we recommend this RESURRECT Multibiome Serum for 11 years old & up.


Is there any fragrance in this product?



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