Hylapore Away Solution
No More Poreblems! Pore & Oil Control Solution
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Hylapore Away Solution

Combat Large Pores & Oily Skin

Get rid of large pores & reduce excess sebum/oil up to 30%* with the treatment from Vegan ingredients such as Cleome Gynandra Leaf Extract, Zinc PCA, Mastic Gum & Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38. It has been clinically tested to help tighten pores, reduce redness on skin & control excess sebum production so that pores on the entire face appear smaller.

*Cleome Gynandra Leaf Extract is proven to reduce sebum/oil up to 30%



  • Reduces excess sebum production up to 30%
  • Reduces blackheads & unclog pores
  • Reduces acne-causing bacteria
  • Helps smooth skin texture
  • Reduces the production of C. acne
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 to shrink the appearance of pores
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Fungal Acne Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • BPOM Certified



How to Apply


  1. Apply 5 - 10 drops of  serum into your palm.

  2. Lightly press your palms onto your cleansed face, then pat your face in outwards & upwards motions until it is fully applied to your face & neck. 

  3. Wait for 1 - 3 minutes for the product to fully absorb. 

  4. Can be used every day (night & day)


Is it suitable for daily use?

Yes. It is suitable for daily use, even day & night.


What is the pH of Hylapore Away Solution? 

Hylapore Away Solution's stability is at pH 5-6 (Normal Skin) so it's suitable even on sensitive skin.


Can I use it for acne prone skin?

Yes. Hylapore Away Solution is made for you because it contains Cleome Gynandra Leaf Extract  to reduce inflammation that leads to acne formation.


Are Somethinc products already registered with BPOM?

Somethinc products are already registered with BPOM.


Is this product suitable for pregnant women/breastfeeding moms?

We have formulated the ingredients that already received BPOM standard approval. But considering that pregnant women sometimes have allergies to certain things & hormonal changes, it's better to consult the ingredients in your skincare products to an obstetrician.


I am a teenager, can I use this?

Yes, but we recommend this Hylapore Away Solution for 11 years old & up.


Is there any fragrance in this product?


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Noralia claudea
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love banget
aku baru pake serum ini 3 hari kayanya dan cuma aku pakai dipagi hari aja karena malenya aku pake serum somethinc yang lain. tapi menurut aku serum ini bekerja sesuai dengan fungsinya sih, dia ngebut pori pori aku mengecil dan ga minyakan yang sampai banjir minyak gitu, padahal klo siang siang muka aku kaya wajan penggorengan yang diisi minyak ????????????
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